Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to play 'Knock' - the card game!

While in Butte a few weeks ago I was taught how to play the great game of 'Knock'

Here are the rules:

To play everyone needs a one dollar bill

Game rules: The game of Knock is a combination of 3 individual games. Dealer chooses which of the 3 games to play. The loser of each round folds one corner of his/her dollar bill down. Therefore, if a person lost 4 times (with 4 corners folded down), their dollar bill goes into the pot that the winner keeps at the end.

General Strategy: While playing any of the 3 games, if you think you don't have the worst hand, you knock on the playing surface and forfeit your turn. At the end of that round everyone shows, and the loser folds a corner of their dollar bill.

Game 1: Knock
The object of the game is to assemble the best poker hand possible (each player is dealt 5 cards). The twist is that players can choose to draw a card from the deck or take the card that is face up in the discard pile (like Gin or Gin Rummy)

Game 2: 31
The object of the game is to get as close to 31 as possible with 3 cards all of the same suit. Face cards are worth 10, Aces are worth 11.

Game 3: Golf
This one is a bit unique. Each player is dealt 4 cards and they are all placed face down in a square on the playing surface. Every player may look at the two cards nearest them ONE TIME ONLY.

The object is to have your 4 cards total the LOWEST amount possible. Again face cards are worth 10, but aces are worth 1 and Jacks are worth zero.

As play continues, players can choose to draw from the deck or the discard pile, and they can then 'swap' out their new card for any existing cards (which are face down in front of them).

For a live demo check out this video:


Anonymous said...

Three people, out of 6, were left in the game. 1 person had 2 lives left and the others were on their face. The person with the 2 lives knocks and all 3 of them had the same score. Does this person with the 2 lives win the game or would it be a draw, nobody loses a life and the next player gets to deal?

Pls set this straight for me. Thx.

Anonymous said...

This game seems cool! I plan on playing somewhere tonight and didn't know how to play, so thanks for letting me know!!! :-)